Sara Godena, Alessandra Bendini, Elisa Giambanelli, Lorenzo Cerretani, Damir Ðermic´ and Edyta Ðermic | View Article
We performed a survey on the yield, quality, and chemical characteristics of virgin olive oils from two olive varieties in Croatian Istria: Frantoio and Ascolana tenera, on Cherry leafroll virus-infected and virusnoninfected trees and on two harvest dates. Free acidity, peroxide value, specific spectrophotometric absorptions at 232 and 270 nm, fatty acid composition, total phenols, o-diphenols, oil color, and pigments were determined. Infected olives had lower oil yield and maturity index versus healthy ones. Oils from infected fruits had significant lower value of K232 and K270 and very elevated total phenols content compared to those obtained from healthy olives.