P. Talhinhas, C. Mota-Capita˜o, S. Martins, A. P. Ramos, J. Neves-Martins, L. Guerra-Guimara˜es, V. Va´rzea, M. C. Silva, S. Sreenivasaprasad and H. Oliveira | View Article
Anthracnose is an important disease affecting mature olive fruits, causing significant yield losses, and poor fruit and oil quality. In Portugal, high anthracnose incidence was recorded during 2003–2007 with 41%of 908 orchards surveyed displaying disease symptoms. In another 14% of the orchards, the pathogen was recorded in symptomless plants. Disease severity was on average 36%, frequently reaching 100%. In Portugal, anthracnose is endemic to neglected orchards of susceptible cultivars, but under favourable conditions it can also severely affect less susceptible cultivars.