fungicides-application2Sistani F., Ramezanpour S.S, Nasrollanejad S. | View Article
Olea europaea L. is one of the oldest agricultural tree crops which are cultivated in some area especially north of Iran. The olive tree is affected by some pests and diseases such as Olive leaf spot (OLS) which is widespread in all olive growing regions of the world, and has been known in the Mediterranean areas and resulting in fruit drop and decreased oil yields. In this study different fungicides were used to evaluate their efficiency to reduce OLS incidence under field condition. Before fungicide application, Mission variety was the most susceptible and Kroneiki was the most resistant variety to OLS but after using fungicide Rawghani variety showed most reduction in OLS incidence and grouped as most resistant variety. Benomyl as a systemic fungicide, Rovral TS as a combination of systemic (Carbendazim) and non systemic (Ipridion) fungicide and Copper oxychloride showed the most effect to control OLS under field condition.