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New Trends and challenges such as the following and many others:

  • Environmental Stress and Sustainable Olive Growing
  • The Use of the Evapotranspiration Stress Index (ETSI) to Guide Irrigation Management in Young Olives
  • Biennial Bearing in Olive – Physiological Background and Control
  • Effect of Nitrogen Status on Frost Tolerance of Olive Trees
  • Gene Expression Analysis of Olive Tree (Olea europaea L.) in Response to Salt Stress
  • High Temperatures Before Budbreak Inhibits Olive Tree Flower Differentiation but Not Development
  • Quantifying Indicators for Short- Term Water Stress in Juvenile ‘Barnea’ Olives Using Large Weighing-Drainage Lysimeters
  • Transcript Analysis and Metabolome Profiling of Developing Olive Fruit in Relation to Different Water Regimes