observation-plant-spots2V. Sergeeva, U. Braun, R. Spooner-Hart and N. G. Nair | View Article
The name Cycloconium oleagineum Castagne = Spilocaea oleaginea (Castagne) S. Hughes has been commonly used for the causal organism of peacock spot disease of olives. However, it is currently assigned to the genus Fusicladium as F. oleagineum (Castagne) Ritschel & U. Braun (= Spilocaea oleaginea (Castagne) S. Hughes) by Schubert et al. (2003). We report F. oleagineum on O. europaea in New South Wales and provide a description of the disease.

Peacock spot is also known as olive scab and leaf spot and is widespread in all the major olive growing regions of the world (Obanor et al. 2005). Symptoms have been found to occur mainly on leaves and appear as dark green to black spots surrounded by a yellow halo similar to the eye spot on peacock’s feathers; hence, the name peacock spot (Graniti 1993; Shabi et al. 1994).